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Holistic accompaniment on the path to well-being

Treatments at a glance

With a holistic concept from healthy lifestyle to aesthetic medicine, we accompany you in all phases of life.

Hormone friendly nutrition

Learn to interpret the signals of your own body correctly again. During our consultations, we will show you how you can positively influence your hormones and your health in a natural way.
Well-aging gynaecology

Growing older is a natural process. We offer you, in connection with nature, to slow down the step of biological ageing.

Some skin problems such as acne, lichen sclerosus et atrophicans, psoriasis, the pregnancy dermatoses or the birthmarks check often accompany the gynaecological consultation. We would like to support you with a competent advice.
Aesthetic dermatology

Our skin requires special care and attention at different stages of life due to hormonal changes. We would like to advise you on aesthetic treatments and laser therapy.
Medical cosmetics

A shining complexion and clear skin do not have to remain a dream. With our tips and complementary therapies, your skin can glow naturally again.
Plastic surgery

The desire for a natural rejuvenation effect without losing the facial characteristics or those one for a ``perfect body`` would lead us to find solutions for your well-being because aesthetic medicine is less about perfection and more about individual needs and your prosperity.
Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaches are professionals who accompany you on the path of self-love, healthy lifestyle and well-being while respecting your bio-individuality. With our workshops we want to encourage you to start your health routine.more
Yoga Therapy

In every phase of life and every life situation with hormone yoga and other individually adapted yoga classes, we manage to reduce the environmental stress and to achieve the balance of our body.
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With special classes during pregnancy and after birth, as well as personalised pelvic floor training, individualised programmes for chronic pain syndrome and various other needs, we support a healthy lifestyle.
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Physio- and manual therapy

Hormonal influences in different stages of a woman's life as well as environmental factors and environmental stress also contribute to structural and functional changes of the musculoskeletal system. Due to a comprehensive examination and functional analysis, we accompany you and improve your quality of life.
Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine is a broad spectrum of treatments and detox regimes based on different models of disease development and treatment. As well with supplementation of vitamins und minerals, we accompany you on the journey to better health.
Psychological support

From challenges during pregnancy to changes during the menopause, women can experience their own bodies, emotional lives, or role choices in a quite different way. We offer a psychological support to women in all phases of life.
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