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Competent care on the way to birth

Treatments at a glance

With empathetic medical expertise, we accompany you from the ultrasound examination to the postpartum consultation.

Pregnancy care

Most pregnancies are uncomplicated. Our medical support during the entire pregnancy supports this natural process. Risks and their consequences are recognised early on.
High-risk pregnancy/multiples

In a risk situation, we accompany you individually and safely through the pregnancy. For the safety of mother and child we accompany you ``doubly`` attentively - also in cooperation with various specialists.
Ultrasound examinations

The ultrasound examination not only strengthens the bond between the parents and the child, but also, through the use of modern technology, identifies many special features in the course of development.
FTT/NT measurement

This examination is part of the first screenings and has an important role in the course of the examination. The nuchal translucency measurement, together with other parameters, makes it possible to estimate the risk of some chromosomal anomalies.
First- and Midtrimester Screening

Using modern technology, we carry out a detailed sonographic examination in the first and second trimester. This enables us to identify most fetal peculiarities and is the basis for our competent advice in prenatal diagnostics.
Colour Doppler sonography

Due to the Doppler effect, particularities in the blood flow of fetal and maternal vessels are detected. In this way we can guarantee optimal care in a risk situation.

The question ``What does the child look like?`` moves all parents. Using the latest 3D/4D technology, the foetus is displayed three-dimensionally and promotes assessment within the framework of our diagnostics.
Prenatal diagnostics

In special situations we recommend a more in-depth clarification of malformations and chromosomal anomalies. In some constellations, the non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) may also be considered. Thanks to our expertise and close cooperation with leading specialists, we can guarantee you optimal care.
Delivery/including section

The birth of your child is a happy event and should take place in a familiar environment. Our medical care focuses on nature. Should situations arise in which additional measures are necessary for the well-being of mother and child, the whole team will decide together with you.
Postpartum care

The time after the birth is exciting for the parents and for the child. Joy and insecurities are mixed together. We are at your side and take the time to answer all your questions competently.
Breastfeeding counseling

Breastfeeding is an intimate process for mother and child. The lack of experience often leads to unpleasant situations. We would be happy to accompany you during this phase so that you can fully enjoy this valuable time with your child.
Midwifery consultation

Comprehensive advice from an experienced midwife on pregnancy, birth, puerperium and breastfeeding, including recommendations on natural remedies and tips on pregnancy complaints and nutrition.