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We understand women

Treatments at a glance

With us, you will find competent gynaecological advice based on the latest medical knowledge. We provide you with comprehensive advice and take your individual concerns into account.

Preventive (annual) checkups

In addition to the early detection of cervical and breast cancer, we advise women of all ages on suspected diseases of the reproductive organs. We offer complete care from the diagnosis to the completed treatment.

Finding a suitable contraceptive method among the many available is of great importance. We support you in choosing the method that is right for you.
Adolescent Girls' consultation

During the process of growing up, many questions arise and we want to respond to the needs of the young people and solve their fears. The young girls are allowed to come to the consultation hours accompanied by a confidant.
Bleedings disorders

Problems with the menstrual cycle are always a reason for uncertainty and often a reason for an unpleasant experience. We clarify this specifically and individually and accompany you during the clarification and therapy.

Myomas are benign tumours of the uterus which often cause unpleasant symptoms. Using the most modern treatment methods, we can offer you the most suitable therapy option.

In total, about 15% of all women live with this disease. Menstrual pains and infertility are the main problems. With us you will receive competent care based on the latest standards.
Desire to have children

Unwanted childlessness affects and burdens every sixth couple. The reasons for this are many and varied. We will initiate the necessary investigations and discuss the various therapy options with you.
Ovarian findings

Often there are tumours or cysts on the ovaries. We will be happy to assist you with clarification and therapy. With laparoscopy, we offer a procedure that only minimally affects the ovary.

During this phase, the focus is usually on cycle fluctuations, hot flushes, insomnia, mood swings or sweating. In contrast, various hormonal and alternative therapies are available.

Changes in the breast can make women feel insecure and trigger fear of cancer. We will advise you quickly and competently and carry out the diagnosis and therapy.
Bladder weakness

This is a delicate subject that is often only addressed at the gynaecologist. There are numerous therapy options after appropriate diagnostics. Our goal is to regain your quality of life.

These not only cause unpleasant symptoms in the short term, but can sometimes lead to permanent consequences. That is why early detection and treatment are of particular importance.