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We assist women in all stages of life

In our practice - gynpoint you will find the whole spectrum of the modern diagnostic and therapy in the Gynecology and Obstetrics . We offer to you at two location – Horgen and Zürich a competent and comprehensive counselling and during the consultation you will be treated with understanding, empathy and patience, assisted by all stages of life.


Even during a pandemic, women should keep an eye on their health and prevention.


Competent conseling in gynpoint from the annual check up throu the adolescence to the senologie.


The most emotional moment in their lives is the birth of the baby. We give you support from the first ultrasound to the counselling during the breastfeeding.


When the conservative therapy reached the limits, we will take together the important decisions and we will choose the best operative method.


We understand women

Treatments at a glance

With us, you will find competent gynaecological advice based on the latest medical knowledge. We provide you with comprehensive advice and take your individual concerns into account.

Preventive (annual) checkups

In addition to the early detection of cervical and breast cancer, we advise women of all ages on suspected diseases of the reproductive organs. We offer complete care from the diagnosis to the completed treatment.

Finding a suitable contraceptive method among the many available is of great importance. We support you in choosing the method that is right for you.
Adolescent Girls' consultation

During the process of growing up, many questions arise and we want to respond to the needs of the young people and solve their fears. The young girls are allowed to come to the consultation hours accompanied by a confidant.
Bleedings disorders

Problems with the menstrual cycle are always a reason for uncertainty and often a reason for an unpleasant experience. We clarify this specifically and individually and accompany you during the clarification and therapy.

Myomas are benign tumours of the uterus which often cause unpleasant symptoms. Using the most modern treatment methods, we can offer you the most suitable therapy option.

In total, about 15% of all women live with this disease. Menstrual pains and infertility are the main problems. With us you will receive competent care based on the latest standards.
Desire to have children

Unwanted childlessness affects and burdens every sixth couple. The reasons for this are many and varied. We will initiate the necessary investigations and discuss the various therapy options with you.
Ovarian findings

Often there are tumours or cysts on the ovaries. We will be happy to assist you with clarification and therapy. With laparoscopy, we offer a procedure that only minimally affects the ovary.

During this phase, the focus is usually on cycle fluctuations, hot flushes, insomnia, mood swings or sweating. In contrast, various hormonal and alternative therapies are available.

Changes in the breast can make women feel insecure and trigger fear of cancer. We will advise you quickly and competently and carry out the diagnosis and therapy.
Bladder weakness

This is a delicate subject that is often only addressed at the gynaecologist. There are numerous therapy options after appropriate diagnostics. Our goal is to regain your quality of life.

These not only cause unpleasant symptoms in the short term, but can sometimes lead to permanent consequences. That is why early detection and treatment are of particular importance.


Competent care on the way to birth

Treatments at a glance

With empathetic medical expertise, we accompany you from the ultrasound examination to the postpartum consultation.

Pregnancy care

Most pregnancies are uncomplicated. Our medical support during the entire pregnancy supports this natural process. Risks and their consequences are recognised early on.
High-risk pregnancy/multiples

In a risk situation, we accompany you individually and safely through the pregnancy. For the safety of mother and child we accompany you ``doubly`` attentively - also in cooperation with various specialists.
Ultrasound examinations

The ultrasound examination not only strengthens the bond between the parents and the child, but also, through the use of modern technology, identifies many special features in the course of development.
FTT/NT measurement

This examination is part of the first screenings and has an important role in the course of the examination. The nuchal translucency measurement, together with other parameters, makes it possible to estimate the risk of some chromosomal anomalies.
First- and Midtrimester Screening

Using modern technology, we carry out a detailed sonographic examination in the first and second trimester. This enables us to identify most fetal peculiarities and is the basis for our competent advice in prenatal diagnostics.
Colour Doppler sonography

Due to the Doppler effect, particularities in the blood flow of fetal and maternal vessels are detected. In this way we can guarantee optimal care in a risk situation.

The question ``What does the child look like?`` moves all parents. Using the latest 3D/4D technology, the foetus is displayed three-dimensionally and promotes assessment within the framework of our diagnostics.
Prenatal diagnostics

In special situations we recommend a more in-depth clarification of malformations and chromosomal anomalies. In some constellations, the non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) may also be considered. Thanks to our expertise and close cooperation with leading specialists, we can guarantee you optimal care.
Delivery/including section

The birth of your child is a happy event and should take place in a familiar environment. Our medical care focuses on nature. Should situations arise in which additional measures are necessary for the well-being of mother and child, the whole team will decide together with you.
Postpartum care

The time after the birth is exciting for the parents and for the child. Joy and insecurities are mixed together. We are at your side and take the time to answer all your questions competently.
Breastfeeding counseling

Breastfeeding is an intimate process for mother and child. The lack of experience often leads to unpleasant situations. We would be happy to accompany you during this phase so that you can fully enjoy this valuable time with your child.
Midwifery consultation

Comprehensive advice from an experienced midwife on pregnancy, birth, puerperium and breastfeeding, including recommendations on natural remedies and tips on pregnancy complaints and nutrition.


Minimal invasive surgery at the highest level

Treatments at a glance

We offer the entire spectrum of surgical treatments in the field of gynaecology. Our focus is on minimal invasive surgery at the highest level. We treat malignant diseases in certified centres.

Breast Surgery

Minor interventions for diagnostic confirmation: biopsies (punch, vacuum, open). For malignant lumps: from breast preservation to breast removal, including reconstruction by plastic surgery (in certified breast centres).
Uterine surgery

Hysteroscopy: this is used to successfully treat polyps, myomas and dysfunctional bleeding. Laparoscopy: removes fibroids and restores the patency of the fallopian tubes.
Surgery for ovarian mass

All interventions are performed by laparoscopy. With this technique, the diseased tissue can be gently removed so that only minimal damage is done to the ovary and fertility is not affected.

Is performed by laparoscopy (laparoscopy) and it is an outpatient procedure.
Surgery for urinary incontinence

Minimally invasive loop liner: the ``golden standard`` of incontinence therapy. Laparoscopic urethro-colpopexy (Burch): for special indications or if the loop insert fails.
Descensus surgery

We offer the entire spectrum of vaginal and laparoscopic descensus surgery, including mesh inserts.
Surgery for endometriosis

The ``golden standard`` in surgical treatment is laparoscopy. The aim of the procedure is to confirm the diagnosis and complete removal of all endometriosis foci, including partial bowel resection.

This technique allows direct access to the abdominal organs through three punctures (5-10mm) and thus prevents major surgical interventions. Almost all gynaecological surgeries can be performed in a minimally invasive way.


One team, two locations, seven languages

We are your team

Dr. med. (BG) Alina Staikov
Dr.med.(BG) Alina Staikov

FMH for gynaecology and obstetrics

Born in the country of the largest rose valley in Europe, Bulgaria and mother of two children. Medical studies at the University of Sofia and specialist training at the Ruppinerkliniken Neuruppin, teaching hospital of the Charité. Senior physician at the Lake Hospital Horgen and consultant, prenatal consultation. Head of practice at gynpoint since 2019.


Dr. med. Kathrin Kern
Dr. med. Kathrin Kern

FMH for gynaecology and obstetrics

Medical studies at the Universities of Fribourg and Zurich, specialist training at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen, Wolhusen Hospital, Sursee Hospital, Cantonal Hospital Zug. 1989 State Examination University of Zurich. 1998 Specialist title in gynaecology and obstetrics. 1998 Dr.med. title. Practice since 2001.


Dr.med. Snejina Juricek
Dr.med. Snejina Juricek

FMH for gynaecology and obstetrics

Born in Sofia.1990 State Examination University of Bern. 1990 - 2000 Training as gynaecologist FMH. 2000 - 2019 Independent practice with affiliated doctor's practice.


Dr. med. Anna Hofstetter
Dr.med. Anna Hofstetter

Specialist for gynecology and obstetrics

Born in Uznach (canton of St. Gallen), grew up on the upper part of Lake Zurich. Studies in Basel. Specialist training in the Bern and Zurich area. Senior physician at the See-Spital Horgen and mother of two sons and a daughter.


Dr. med. (I) Alessandra Moscaroli
Dr. med. (I) Alessandra Moscaroli

Gynaecologist with Master in Senology | FMH General Surgery

Born in Italy and mother of two children. Medical studies and specialist training at the University ``La Sapienza`` in Rome. Research project at the Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori in Milan, currently second FMH training in gynaecology and obstetrics at the Kantonsspital in Lucerne.


Dr. med. Aline Hohl
Dr. med. Aline Hohl


Born and grew up in Zurich. Studied medicine in Bern. Specialist training in the hospitals Bülach, University Hospital Zurich and Cantonal Hospital Winterthur. Doctor at the See-Spital Horgen. Mother of two daughters.


Dr.med. Maike Kahr
Dr. med. Maike Kahr


Born in Münsterland and grew up in Krempen on the Lower Rhine. Studied at the University of Münster. Specialist training at the University of Zurich. Senior physician at the See-Spital Horgen.


Cristina Picchucio
Cristina Picuccio

Medical assistant

Born and raised in Horgen. 1998 -2001 MPA training at the Woodtli School, with Mr. Dr. Brunner, Zurich. 2005 Training course for MPA instructors held. 2014 Hygiene seminar course. 2016 Venipuncture course, Ferinject infusions. Since 2001 I have been working in the practice of Dr. Juricek and since 2019 for gynpoint.


Elisa Toedtli
Elisa Toedtli

Medical Assistant

Born in Zurich, grew up in Horgen. With the practice of Dr. med. S. Juricek since 2012 and with gynpoint since 2019. I completed my training at the Zurich Orthopaedic Centre. I completed my consulting hours assistance in 2013.


Julia Rietschel
Julia Rietschel

Medical assistant

Born in Titisee-Neustadt, grew up in Germany in the Black Forest. 2014 graduation as dental assistant . Worked as a medical practice assistant in Germany for 5 years in a large dermatology practice. Since 2019 in Switzerland and as MPA at gynpoint in Zurich.


Kristina Angelova
Kristina Angelova

Medical assistant

Education as a nurse (recognized in Switzerland as a Dipl. Pflegefachfrau HF) in Germany. After training in Germany, worked in an acutely closed psychiatric ward. Since 2010 in Switzerland. Worked for 5 years at the Hirslanden Clinic as a qualified nurse and as a department head. 1 year working internationally as private nurse. Since 4 years - experience in many specialties , currently in the Intermediate Care training.


Melanie Vogt
Melanie Vogt


Born in Zurich, grew up in Adliswil and Thalwil, studied in Zurich at the Higher School of Nursing, worked at various Zurich hospitals, including the Seespital Horgen and was an ambassador for endometriosis.


Josephine Baudisch
Josephine Baudisch


Midwife training at the BGS Chur. Acupuncture training course for midwives in pregnancy and obstetrics Zhong Institute. Pelvic floor trainer BeBo health training. Subsequent acquisition of title midwife Bsc. Taping for pregnancy and postpartum. Various further training courses on various midwifery specific topics (manual therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy).


Jennifer Winklhofer, Pilates Trainer und Ernährungscoach
Jennifer Winklhofer

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach for (pre & postnatal) women

Mother of two children. Born and grew up in Germany. Started 2012 her own business: My Body Toning. During her time abroad in the USA in 2015 she continued her fitness education and got certified at the famous EHS San Francisco as a Pilates instructor. Back in Zurich she deepend her postnatal Pilates skills at PilateSwiss and offers now besides personal training and EMS also pre & postnatal Pilates, pelvic floor and diastasis recti healing, in her studio at Zurich.


Continuing Education Practice

Further training as a specialist in FMH gynaecology and obstetrics

Further training practice for assistant doctors in further training as a specialist FMH Gynaecology and Obstetrics

On 17.05.2018 we were granted recognition as a further training practice for the specialist FMH Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Art.43 of the WBO, by the SIWF (Swiss Institute for Further Education and Training) with recognition of six months.

We look forward to receiving your application.
Dr. med. (BG) Alina Staikov


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