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Minimal invasive surgery at the highest level

Treatments at a glance

We offer the entire spectrum of surgical treatments in the field of gynaecology. Our focus is on minimal invasive surgery at the highest level. We treat malignant diseases in certified centres.

Breast Surgery

Minor interventions for diagnostic confirmation: biopsies (punch, vacuum, open). For malignant lumps: from breast preservation to breast removal, including reconstruction by plastic surgery (in certified breast centres).
Uterine surgery

Hysteroscopy: this is used to successfully treat polyps, myomas and dysfunctional bleeding. Laparoscopy: removes fibroids and restores the patency of the fallopian tubes.
Surgery for ovarian mass

All interventions are performed by laparoscopy. With this technique, the diseased tissue can be gently removed so that only minimal damage is done to the ovary and fertility is not affected.

Is performed by laparoscopy (laparoscopy) and it is an outpatient procedure.
Surgery for urinary incontinence

Minimally invasive loop liner: the ``golden standard`` of incontinence therapy. Laparoscopic urethro-colpopexy (Burch): for special indications or if the loop insert fails.
Descensus surgery

We offer the entire spectrum of vaginal and laparoscopic descensus surgery, including mesh inserts.
Surgery for endometriosis

The ``golden standard`` in surgical treatment is laparoscopy. The aim of the procedure is to confirm the diagnosis and complete removal of all endometriosis foci, including partial bowel resection.

This technique allows direct access to the abdominal organs through three punctures (5-10mm) and thus prevents major surgical interventions. Almost all gynaecological surgeries can be performed in a minimally invasive way.