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Breast cancer awareness month

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Although the most common, breast cancer is not usually the most dangerous type of cancer. If detected and treated in time, most cancers are curable. read more >>

Adenomyosis Awareness Month

In Switzerland, around 2.2 million people are affected by a chronic disease. The five most common are cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and musculoskeletal diseases. read more >>

Endometriosis Awareness Month

Pain in the abdomen is known to many women as a common symptom of menstruation. However, a chronic disease can also be the reason for this pain: endometriosis. read more >>
Dr. med. (bg) Alina Staikov, Fachärztin für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe

Women’s health in times of COVID-19

In an interview: Dr. Alina Staikov
Even during a pandemic, women should keep an eye on their health and prevention. Dr. Alina Staikov, a gynaecologist, explains why this is so important and which protective measures provide security. read more >>