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gynpoint blog Osteoporose


Since 1996, 20 October has been World Osteoporosis Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness and the global fight against osteoporosis. But what exactly is osteoporosis? read more >>

Between lifestyle and genetics

October is the international month dedicated to breast cancer prevention. The WHO-supported initiative aims to raise awareness of breast cancer and promote access to timely ... read more >>

When hormone chaos reigns

The interaction of hormones is called hormone balance. Hormones play a role in many, often vital, processes in the body. They regulate the energy and water balance, growth and reproduction. When is there hormonal chaos and when should you see a specialist? read more >>


Perimenopause or the menopause is the period around a woman's last menstrual period. This can last for several years. read more >>

Knife wounds in the belly every month

The long suffering of many women until they are diagnosed with endometriosis. What success therapies achieve, what supports the fight against the pain and how the wish to have a child can still be fulfilled. read more >>


How I became my daughter's mamma
(An extraordinary story from everyday life at gynpoint) read more >>